V-Line A - Injection lipolysis for get a small face
  • V-Line A - Injection lipolysis for get a small face

V-Line A - Injection lipolysis for a small face (With carmitine)

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V Line-A Solution 1 vial of 5 ml for face or body


Ferment of soy isoflavone extract, carnitine, visnadine, aescin, and theophylline to remove fat and cellulite

Where is it used:

The injection area extends into the facial fat located on the chin, cheeks, and jaw; fat cells of the forearm, on the love handles (fat cells of the back), and localized fat on the thigh.

Warning: In case of the V-LINE A product is not available, we supply another alternative brand made in Korea V-LINE CS which has the same composition.


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A healthy diet and constant physical exercise are the basis for a healthy and well-shaped body. But it happens very often that in certain areas of the body it is really difficult to eliminate fat. Let's think about the double chin for example. For this reason, there are aesthetic treatments aimed at intervening locally on certain areas of the body. V-Line-A Solution is the answer.

A cosmetic treatment that does not contain steroids, does not need anesthesia and is not invasive or painful as it could be liposuction or surgery. The particular composition has highly concentrated active ingredients, all-natural ingredients compatible with the human body, safe and necessary to break up and dissolve excess fat locally. By doing so, the area to be treated is modeled. Unlike other invasive treatments, after treatment with V-Line A solution there is no need for convalescence, other than those few hours of rest to reabsorb the edema and redness within three hours. Visible results right away.

Areas of application

Face and body where fat cells are in excess and form adiposity. Specifically, the treatment is indicated for the double chin, cheeks, jaw, arms, thighs, abdomen, back, hips and love handle. Anti-cellulite and anti-orange peel treatment.

How does it work

1. prepare the skin by disinfecting the area with cotton and alcohol solution

2. for particularly sensitive skin, it is good to smear the area with a topical anesthetic

3. inject the product following the directions on the injection sites for each specific part of the body

4. the patient must observe a minimum rest period of 3 hours. The effect of lipolysis will occur almost immediately for small areas, within 3 hours for larger areas. It all depends on the layer of adiposity present.

Fat cells will be broken down, released into urine and sweat and naturally eliminated. The lymphatic circulation of the body will be promoted, without interfering with the functions of the liver and other organs.

Advantages of V-Line-A Solution:

1.no surgical operation

2. the composition of the product is able to separate and dissolve fats, eliminating them with sweat and urine

3. no pain or unwanted effects of invasive treatments or general anesthesia, as it is a non-surgical treatment

4. probably localized redness at the injection site on the adipose tissue, which will disappear within a few hours

Active principles

The ingredients are all-natural. The soy isoflavone ferment helps distribute fat cells evenly, carnitine transports fatty acids inside the mitochondria, where they are then converted into energy, while visnadine (extracted from a plant) counteracts cellulite and skin to Orange peel. The theophylline, contained in a small part in tea leaves, coffee, and cocoa beans, helps to stimulate enzymes useful for releasing fats from adipose tissue. Finally, aescin, a plant compound that is obtained from the mixture of saponins contained in the seeds, bark, and leaves of the horse chestnut, is capable of increasing the resistance and decreasing the permeability of the capillaries. It means that the substance is able to reduce redness and edema, as well as has anti-inflammatory properties.

Effective for the breakdown of adipocytes and ban on fat cells

Differentiation process of fat cells

Mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into mature preadipocytes, which accumulate adipocytes into new specialized adipocytes.

Anti-cellulite action

The ferments of soy isoflavones stimulate an anti-cellulite action by blocking the differentiation of fat cells, in combination with carnitine which stimulates the metabolism and the transport of fatty acid into the mitochondria.

V-line A Solution function

Remove fat cells and cellulite by injection, then with non-surgical injection therapy operating on the subcutaneous fat.

Injection depth and distance:

Action should be taken at the injection sites indicated by reaching the subcutaneous fat, proceeding to perform a vertical injection of 1 ~ 1.5 cm


The qualified doctor will proceed in 0.5 ~ 1cc intervals, each time maximum 30ml (10 ~ 15 as a period, treat 3 ~ 5 times)


Keep out of the reach of children, do not ingest, restricted area: around the eyes because you risk nerve damage and necrosis. The information given is general information and does not in any way replace medical advice. To ensure a healthy and balanced diet, it is always good to rely on the advice of your doctor or an expert.

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