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The following information is intended to describe our privacy policy. If you want to visit the site, you will accept the rules and conditions described in this privacy statement.


The supply of cutting-edge and effective aesthetic, cosmetic and orthopedic products and services at an affordable price is Dermalfillers2000's corporate policy towards its customers. As a cosmetic service company, it is our responsibility to keep information about each customer strictly confidential. For this reason, it will be our responsibility to safeguard the personal information of each individual customer as well as health information and sensitive data, transmitted electronically or by other means. The privacy policy indicated below is intended to make the procedure and each process followed transparent. All to keep personal information strictly confidential.


The customer is obliged to provide Dermalfillers2000 with appropriately correct information. It will be the customer himself to ensure that the aforementioned personal information transmitted by him is used only for the stated purpose and that the utmost confidentiality is maintained.


The terms "we", "us", "company" and "our" in the privacy policy refer to Dermalfillers2000 and / or its business partners and associates. While the terms "you", "customer" and "your" refer to Dermalfillers2000 customers, in addition to website visitors who would like to enter into a sort of commercial relationship with the company.


The customer, once he has transmitted his personal information to us, has given his consent to use and store the aforementioned information for the purpose indicated, as already explained in this privacy policy.


Dermalfillers2000 reserves the right to modify and expand the privacy policy at any time. The changes will be made public on the website The changes will be effective after 30 days from the date of the aforementioned notification. If the changes or parts of them are not appreciated at all by the customer, he will be free and has the full right to contact the company to have control of his personal information before the new policies come into force.


Our policy requires us not to collect any information directly from children under the age of 13. Such information may only be transmitted with the consent of the parents or guardian only in specific cases.


The personal information collected is basic name, postal address, post code, age, telephone number, mobile number and e-mail address. Any data collected will be followed by your consent to use such information.


1. The law on the protection of personal information and electronic documents provides guidelines for the structuring and development of a privacy policy of dermalfillers2000.

2. This Privacy Policy applies to all data and information collected from customers and to the company's use and disclosure of such information.

3. The Privacy Policy applies to the processing and control of data and information in written, electronic or any other form.


1. Information from us - We will provide information by e-mail on many topics of interest in the various areas relating to the medical-scientific field. Such information may include newsletters, general health information and other specific information as per your request. We will provide information with your consent. At any time, you can unsubscribe and therefore receive this information from the website, just send an email.

2. Use of information - Use of information provided by the customer The information collected by the customer will only be used to deliver medical products and services which constitute our core business. The information collected is intended to improve our work as well as increase the effectiveness of the proposed treatment methods. The derived information generated by the individual's data can be copied, printed, transmitted and distributed by us without any danger as regards the confidentiality of personal information, subject to applicable laws.

3. Data Security - We will take appropriate security precautions for information collected from our customers regarding storage, retrieval and use. No one will be authorized except us to access customer personal information. We will not provide any personal information or the information itself to third parties without your explicit consent.

4. Third party services - After having made our assessments and at any time we may use third party services suitable only for the collection, storage and use of existing and new data. All provisions of the privacy policy will be made applicable in these situations.

5. Surveys - The website may have company surveys. Participation is optional and all personal information collected at this juncture will be used to understand customer preferences and provide effective services to satisfy our catchment area.


The privacy policy developed to protect the interests of customers will be implemented as follows:

1. Liability and Accountability - We are committed to protecting the personal information we hold and will hold appropriate data protection officers.

2. Purpose and Information Collection - The Company will determine the purpose of information collection prior to acquiring it. This purpose will be communicated to the customer. The collection of information will be limited to the identified purpose and will be carried out directly by the customer.

3. Client Consent - The collection, use, sharing and disclosure of data will be done by the company with the full knowledge and consent of the client.

4. Use of information - Personal information will not be used for purposes other than those for which the customer is known. No information will be disclosed to third parties without the customer's consent or at the request of law enforcement.

5. Retention and Protection of Information - Information collected from customers will be kept up-to-date and accurate for the intended purpose. The company is committed to protecting data from theft, unauthorized use, updating, modification and copying.

6. Transparency of stored information - The company will have a transparent privacy policy and any changes will be communicated to customers through the website. A customer can ask us to keep his personal information at any time. In response to this request, the Company will provide, within a reasonable time, the details of the information in its possession, who has access to the data and the purpose for which such data are used.