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      Beutox 100iu
      Beutox 100iu

      Beutox 100iu

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      Botox pure type A (100iu) - Solution to be diluted with saline water. Active ingredient: Clostridium botulinum toxins type A (100 units).Stabilizer: Human serum albumin 0.5mgTonic Adjuster: Sodium chloride (KP) 0.9mg

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      EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

      How and where to buy botox online?

      Our shop ships botox or botulinum all over the world. The name botox is a brand that belongs to allergan, for any other brand it is more appropriate to say that it is the botulinum of type A. There are various brands of botulinum A, among these there is our excellent product Beutox.

      What is Beutox used for?

      Beutox is an injectable drug based on bacteria that causes botulism, it is a real alternative to allergan botox, but at a lower price. It is indicated to block nerve activity in the muscles, which produces a temporary reduction in muscle activity. With beutox you can treat cervical dystonia (spasms of a certain severity in the neck muscles) or muscle spasms in the arms. It can solve problems like uncontrolled blinking of the eyelashes, eyelids and amazed eyes (i.e. when the eyes are not looking in the same direction). The best known use of botulinum toxin type A is to temporarily reduce facial wrinkles such as those between the eyebrows.

      What are the possible side effects?

      Each drug has side effects, the botulinum toxin is no different. Some of the side effects that may arise are:

      • Neck pain;
      • Dry eyes;
      • Headache;
      • tiredness;
      • diarrhea;
      • Swelling or bruising of the eyelids;
      • Flashes less than usual;
      • Pain, redness or swelling at the injection site

      If you have side effects like the following, we advise you to stop the treatment and contact a trusted doctor. Undesirable effects requiring treatment discontinuation:

      • Problems with breathing, conversation or swallowing;
      • Hoarse voice;
      • drooping eyelids;
      • blurred or double vision;
      • muscle weakness;
      • Loss of bladder control;
      • wheezing or tightness in the chest;
      • Pain or irritation in the eyes;
      • severe rash or itching;
      • Sensation of loss of consciousness

      The side effects could be allergic in nature, for example:

      • Urticaria;
      • Tired breathing;
      • The feeling that you may pass out;
      • Swelling of lips, face, tongue and / or throat

      We do not recommend taking Beutox or any botulinum on the market if you are allergic to incobotulinumtoxinA.

      Consult your doctor if you are suffering from any of the following conditions:
      • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or "Lou Gehrig disease");
      • Myasthenia gravis;
      • Lambert-Eaton syndrome;
      • Asthma;
      • Problems with swallowing;
      • Facial muscle weakness
      • Bleeding problems;
      • Heart disease;

      We recommend having Beutox injected by a qualified doctor and keeping possible side effects under control in the first weeks of treatment. Also avoid carrying out physical activities in the first hours of treatment. At the moment there are no studies that determine the risk for a baby who is still pregnant, or for a baby who is breastfed by a woman who uses the botulinum, so for any precaution you can ask your doctor for advice.

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      Beutox 100iu

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