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Azzalure 125 Unit Speywood, vial of powder for injectable solution. Excipients: Human albumin 200g/L and Lactose monohydrate. Azzalure is indicated for the temporary improvement of the appearance of glabellar expression wrinkles and lateral cantal wrinkles (crow's feet), in both cases in adult subjects under the age of 65.  Do not freeze, store in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Centigrade. These botulinum toxin units are specific to this preparation and are not interchangeable with ducks prepared from botulinum toxin.



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Azzalure 125 speywood units is considered a valid treatment to counteract the signs of time, whether they are wrinkles given by aging or signs of expression caused by a smile too much. Azzalure is effective and safe for subjects aged 18 and over, while the effects of using this drug in paediatric subjects and in any case under the age of majority have not been demonstrated.

The methods of administration of the product are very simple, but being fully a medicine, it must be compulsorily administered by professional doctors and qualified to inject Botox for aesthetic use, therefore with the necessary equipment and hygiene standards for this purpose. Once the product has been reconstituted, Azzalure should be used for a single treatment, therefore of only one patient per seat.

We proceed by carefully removing or removing any trace of impurities and makeup from the patient, disinfecting the skin with an antiseptic for topical use (and for particularly sensitive subjects, one could proceed with a local anaesthesia by means of an ointment for topical use. Using a sterile needle of the appropriate size, intramuscular injection is carried out. The interval between treatments with Azzalure depends on patient to patient, so the doctor will evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis, but it should not be less than three months except in severe cases.

The dosages will be evaluated by the doctor, as a rule in case of glabellar wrinkles the recommended dose is 50 Speywood units of Azzalure inoculated in different subdivisions: 10 Speywood units should be administered intramuscularly, at right angles to the skin surface, at specific points illustrated in the instructions for use of the drug. To locate the anatomical points faster it is advisable to make a first observation and then palpate the part when the patient proceeds to the maximum corrugation of the forehead. Before injecting Azzalure, place your thumb or index finger below the orbital edge to prevent the product from accidentally spreading to the area below. Attention, because you risk ptosis: avoid injecting the product near the upper eyelid elevator muscle, especially in patients where supercilious depressor has been found. As a rule, the effect of Azzalure in glabellar wrinkles lasts up to 4-5 months after treatment.

As for the dosage for lateral cantal wrinkles, the recommended dosage is 30 Speywood units to be divided into three injection sites, as shown in the product instruction sheet. The injection should be done laterally to the skin maintaining an angle of 20-30 degrees and in the surface layer, in the outer part of the muscle orbicularis oculis and far from the orbital edge of at least 2 cm. As in the case of glabellar wrinkles, the doctor will be able to immediately grasp the anatomical points with various methods, the best is to make the patient smile in order to test with his fingers the exact point and avoid lateral ptosis of the lip and, above all, the dreaded asymmetrical smile.

It may occur to have a decrease in the effect of Botox after prolonged injections, in this case the doctor will choose whether to consider other alternatives, but usually ineffectiveness is due to incorrect selection of muscles, incorrect injection technique and an immune response of the organism that causes it to neutralize the relaxing and paralyzing action of botulinum toxin. Usually, for glabellar wrinkles it is estimated up to 24 months of repeated injections for 8 consecutive treatment cycles, while for lateral cantal wrinkles up to 12 months of effectiveness with 5 consecutive treatment cycles.

Do not use this type A botulinum toxin if hypersensitivity to the active ingredient is found, if there are ongoing infections or pathologies incompatible with therapy, serious inability to drive the car and use machinery. In fact, a common side effect is to feel localized muscle weakness or vision disorders associated with the use of this medicine, all things that can temporarily impair the ability to drive or use machinery. If ptosis, diplopia, difficulty swallowing and talking paralysis of the respiratory muscles are found in the subject as well as excessive muscle weakness, it may be that there has been an overdose of the medicine. In this case, call the Emergency immediately.