Botulax 200iu

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Type A botulinum toxin is available in dosing units of 50, 100 and 200IU.  Each bottle contains Clostridium Botulinum toxin type A 50IU, stabilizing: Human serum albumin 0,25mg and Sodium chloride (EP) 0.45mg. As a rule, vials can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The product is stored for up to 24 months. 



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Botulax 200IU is a substance used mainly in the cosmetic field, it is nothing more than botulinum toxin that has a specific function, namely to block the nervous activity of tissues. Commonly known as Botox, it is injected under the skin by a specialist in order to smooth the skin and make wrinkles and aesthetic imperfections disappear temporarily.

When we talk about Botox we immediately think of the famous lifting effect anti-wrinkle treatment with stings, but never think of botulinum as a medical therapy. It has long been used as a real therapy for benign essential blepharospasm in adult patients, for the deformity of the equine foot and to treat spasticity in pediatric patients suffering from cerebral palsy, from 2 years of age onwards. Botox is used in adults with cervical dystonia, that is, when you have severe spasms in the neck muscles, or in other cases, muscle stiffness in the elbows, wrists, fingers, ankles or toes.

Botox compared to other more invasive aesthetic treatments does not present serious risks, but it should not be forgotten that the substance OnabotulinotoxinA is composed of bacteria that cause a pathology called botulism. It is a serious intoxication caused by toxins of Clostridium botulinum and can manifest itself in various forms, such as from a food source (homemade or poorly preserved preserves, or bad foods); childhood and adult botulism (spores are accidentally ingested); from an uninfected wound as the spores come into contact with the body and, in rare cases, by an overdose of Botox during a localized aesthetic or medical intervention (iatrogenic botulism). The first symptoms are those characteristic of gastroenteritis, and then lead to a worsening as respiratory paralysis and asphyxiation are added. For this reason, it is recommended to always hear the opinion of a doctor and above all to undergo treatments and therapies under expert supervision.

The dosages are different depending on the type of intervention to be carried out, for example, for blepharospasm the initial recommended dose is between 1.25 and 2.5 IU injected into the medial and lateral pre-tarsal orbicularis oculi of the upper lid and into the lateral pre-tarsal orbicularis oculi of the lower lid. In the case of pediatric cerebral palsy, 4U/kg body weight is recommended is calculated for the affected gastrocnemius muscle in patients with hemiplegia. Those suffering from diplegia, the dose of 6U/kg body weight divided both legs is recommended. Even in the case of cosmetic interventions, the total maximum dose to be administered to the patient must not exceed 2000 IU at all, and in the specific case of aesthetic treatments for wrinkles, it is absolutely necessary to dilute with sterile saline.

The results vary from patient to patient, as each has a different ability to react to the type of treatment. Usually, the effects of Botulax 200IU last up to six months, and the first results are visible depending on the type of therapy chosen, from a couple of days after injection up to two weeks, bearing in mind that the final results are visible with certainty after a month.

Botulax 200IU could cause side effects, such as muscle weakness, dizziness, itching and localized swelling and it is not appropriate to use it if you are prone to bleeding if you are following anticoagulant therapy, if muscle weakness or muscle atrophy is present. In any case, it is good to seek advice from your doctor.

116 Items