JBP NanoCannula
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JBP NanoCannula


JBP NanoCannula: Thin Walled

A new generation of cannulas that reduce the damage of hypodermic tissues.

Advantage of the NanoCannula JBP treatment:
- Less internal bleeding
- Less pain


Attention: after purchasing this product, send us an email indicating which diameter and length you prefer.

This innovative development of Japan Bio Products Co. LTD has an enlarged internal diameter, thin and smooth walls (micro-polishing technology), and a single aperture on the side in order to reduce pain and dermal traumas during the injection of cosmetological products.

- Allows you to easily inject viscous dermal fillers
- Does not leave severe swelling or bruising in the injection area
- Improves the psychological comfort of patients.

JBP NanoCannula Size Punching Needle Size
30G Outer Diameter(0.30mm) x 25mm length 27G
27G Outer Diameter(0.40mm) x 40mm length 26G
27G Outer Diameter(0.40mm) x 50mm length 26G
25G Outer Diameter(0.50mm) x 50mm length 23G
25G Outer Diameter(0.50mm) x 70mm length 23G
23G Outer Diameter(0.65mm) x 50mm length 22G
23G Outer Diameter(0.65mm) x 70mm length 22G
22G Outer Diameter(0.70mm) x 50mm length 21G
22G Outer Diameter(0.70mm) x 70mm length 21G
21G Outer Diameter(0.80mm) x 50mm length 21G
21G Outer Diameter(0.80mm) x 70mm length 21G


11 different sizes (lengths, diameters and internal calibration)are carefully adapted according to the treated areas, the direction and the depth of injection.

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