Dermaheal HL - Anti-hair loss solution
  • Dermaheal HL - Anti-hair loss solution

Dermaheal HL - Anti hair loss solution alopecia natural treatment for hair growth injection

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Anti-hair loss mesotherapy solution

Dermaheal HL in addition to slowing or stopping hair loss, helps the hair follicles to produce new hair. Because of its fantastic properties it is indicated to people who have genetic problems or related to hair loss, counteracting alopecia.

Moisturizes the scalp and hair
Stimulates hair growth
Strengthens hair follicles
Increases the thickness of the hair
Improve scalp blood circulation

What is a standard session with Dermaheal HL?
As a mesotherapy product for professional use it is used only by certified and trained doctors. Dermaheal HL is injected into problem areas of the scalp using an ultra-thin needle that does not cause pain or discomfort to the patient. During the first week of therapy, the patient undergoes 3 injection sessions.

To achieve further results it is possible to increase the sessions, usually the first effects can be seen in about 6 weeks after the initial procedure.

This injectable mesotherapy protoddo does not contain toxic or aggressive ingredients and is composed of minerals, vitamins, peptides, enzymes and amino acids that are not harmful or dangerous to human health.

109 Items