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      AestheFill Poly-Lactic Acid dermal filler
      AestheFill Poly-Lactic Acid dermal filler
      AestheFill Poly-Lactic Acid dermal filler

      AestheFill Poly-Lactic Acid dermal filler

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      As we age, the skin tends to lose volume and elasticity, which results in signs of aging on the skin, including wrinkles and folds. Advancing age is the basis of one of the main causes of these imperfections, namely the loss of collagen. SCULPTRA injections alternative Poly-L-Lactic Acid PLA is the product able to stimulate the production of collagen, fill the voids of wrinkles and furrows and act as a bio stimulating agent.

      SCULPTRA injections alternative Poly-L-Lactic Acid PLA is indicated for the improvement of significant volume loss, and can improve wrinkles and creases where the cross-hatch injection technique is suitable. It is best for treating large areas of volume loss, such as those found in contour deficiencies and hollow areas.

      Treatment area:

      From the central part (for example, temples) to the lower part of the face (for example, mandibular line) and the areas of the chin, eye contour, and nasolabial area included.

      Group: Fillers

      Active substance: Poly-L-Lactic Acid


      Poly-Lactic acid 200mg

      In case this product is not available, we supply another alternative brand with the same composition.

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      Cosmetics and injectable treatments are now the real revolution in aesthetic medicine. Patients who want to undergo an anti-aging cosmetic treatment no longer have to undergo an infinite number of visits and to prepare for invasive surgery. Nor fear of adverse reactions, implant rejections or permanent scars, or worse of having an expressionless and too drawn face. Even the doctors themselves strongly recommend volume replacement therapies to achieve eternal youth instead of risking and removing excess skin to proceed to firm and lift the face, as well as sculpt it by increasing the volume of the lips, cheekbones, jaw or cheeks. SCULPTRA injections alternative Poly-L-Lactic Acid PLA is one of these alternative treatments.

      What are injections alternative Poly-L-Lactic Acid PLA

      PLLAs are normally used in aesthetic treatments for soft tissue augmentation. In this way, volume is increased, replenishing it and thus smoothing wrinkles. By doing so, the signs of time and old age are contrasted. One of the leading products in the field of aesthetic medicine is undoubtedly Sculptra, as it has a different form and mode of action from other chemical fillers. While the majority of dermal fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, Sculptra is made up of PLLA, the material of which resorbable sutures, dental implants or urethral or tracheal stents are made. This polymer is biodegradable, resorbable and above all biocompatible and despite being synthetic, it does not need to undergo an allergy test.

      The injectable fillers are mostly volume substitutes and therefore consist of hyaluronic acid. PLLA fillers also stimulate collagen and encourage the affected part to produce more of it.

      How SCULPTRA injections alternative Poly-L-Lactic Acid PLA works

      Once injected, a mechanism is set in motion that stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and consequently the production of collagen. This means a gradual increase in the extracellular matrix and in the distribution of collagen in the affected site.

      Dosage, therapy and effects

      The effects of the product will not be immediate and evident, as, due to its composition, the improvements will occur after a few months. The advantage is to have a natural appearance and not to change the characteristics suddenly. The advantage is also that the components degrade slowly, but the effects last thanks to the collagen produced.

      Usually, one session is enough to start, but like all aesthetic injection procedures, it depends on the severity and depth of the wrinkles and on the chosen therapy. For this, multiple sessions can occur and arrive at the desired result. Usually, this is done with a series of three injections over the course of a few months.

      How long do the results last?

      The average of patients who have undertaken this sort of aesthetic therapy began to experience the first improvements about 3 weeks after each other. Only some had the maintenance session while for the others it went from 10 months to 2 years.

      Warning: keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. The product should only be used by healthcare professionals with experience in correcting volume defects after becoming fully familiar with the product, the product instructional materials and its complete instruction sheet.

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      AestheFill Poly-Lactic Acid dermal filler
      Reborn Poly-Lactic Acid PLA like sculptra

      AestheFill Poly-Lactic Acid dermal filler

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