Buy sculptra injections filler Poly-Lactic Acid PLA price cheap
  • Buy sculptra injections filler Poly-Lactic Acid PLA price cheap
  • Buy sculptra injections filler Poly-Lactic Acid PLA price cheap

Buy sculptra injections alternative filler Poly-Lactic Acid PLA price cheap

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ㆍGroup Fillers
ㆍIngredient Poly-Lactic acid 200mg
ㆍStandard 200mg, 1vial/BOX
AestheFill or Reborn is a longer-lasting neocollagenesis filler to restore volume in facial arears.
Overall volume increase in facial areas through necollagenesis, the creation and inducement of new collagen within the skin.
Long duration, 18 to 24months


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Attention: as an alternative to filler sculptra we sell Reborn or AestheFill according to the availability we have in stock.

AestheFill is a dermal polymetate filler that can reduce aging signs by increasing the loss of collagen naturally. The result can last up to two years. After 40 years, facial tissues lose volume due to progressive bone resorption, facial muscle weakening, collagen loss and subcutaneous fat. The skin loses thickness and elasticity by developing wrinkles and wrinkles.

PLA filler (polylactic acid) is a biocompatible and biodegradable substance approved by the US FDA and also used for absorbable wires. Of course, it stimulates the skin cells to produce collagen.

Differences between Aesthefill & HA filler

Material Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) Hyaluronic Acid
How it works Stimulation of your own cells to generate more collagen Volume gain from physical presence of implanted gels
duration More than 2 years 4 to 9 months
  • Duration

Aesthefill lasts approximately 2 years once the series of treatment is completed. Generally one maintenance treatment a year is needed so you don’t completely return to your original volume. HAs last 4 to 9 months on average depending on the person and product used.

  • How it works

Aesthefill works gradually in a range of treatments - an average of 3 injection sessions with a 4-6 week interval between each session - to produce a refined and younger appearance. Immediately after treatment, initial swelling will go away in a few days starting to stimulate collagen. It takes 45-90 days after the treatment to see the full result.

127 Items