Snow White Cell (PDRN+Glutathione+HA)
  • Snow White Cell (PDRN+Glutathione+HA)

Snow White Cell (3 syringes 2.5ml with PDRN+Glutathione+HA)

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Innovative Tool for Skin Rejuvenating, Moisturizing & Whitening!

Also improve elasticity, wrinkles & fine lines



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Glutathione injectable 

Skin Whitening Effect : L-reduced Glutathione

Moisturizing & Lifting : Hyaluronic Acid of 3000K Dalton

Package : 2.5ml * 3 syringes/box

Most people with dark skin (Asian, African, South American, etc. Often dream to have the fair white skin. We sell the best brands online injectable glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that fights free radicals that destroy good cells. It 'important to maintain a sufficient amount of glutathione in the body because of low levels of glutathione can cause brain and heart disease, immune, liver dysfunction, cancer and death. When glutathione is produced at the appropriate levels, are prevent many diseases and also slows the aging process. Although glutathione is born to fight diseases, is used to lighten skin color. glutathione is widely used in these countries: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, Africa and other countries with people of darker skin.

124 Items