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      Laennec (Human Placenta Injection)
      Laennec (Human Placenta Injection)

      Laennec (Human Placenta Injection)

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      Laennec is a very effective, moral anti-aging medication. Dermal Cosmetics sells this product, which was made at GreenCross Wellbeing utilizing sophisticated extraction techniques for ingredients that help the skin seem younger (in collaboration with JBP). It has been flawlessly sterilized, rigorously tested, and made using a range of growth factors, cytokines, and other compounds extracted from the human placenta to assure the best anti-aging outcomes and the least amount of side effects.


      Active ingredient: Water-soluble substance of an enzyme product of the human placenta 112 mg

      Inactive Ingredients: Pepsin Trace

      Lactose 0.6 mg

      PH regulator q.s.

      Dosage and administration

      One 2ml ampoule taken once day by adults is the recommended dosage. The dose may be raised to two or three times day, depending on the symptoms.


      50 2 ml ampoules

      Warning: It is advised to administer Laennec with the utmost caution and monitor the body's reactions if the patient is prone to or susceptible to specific allergies or has already had allergic reactions.

      organic specialty product. Keep patient information—name, batch number, date of administration or prescription—for at least 20 years, especially if the patient has a chronic liver condition.

      If the Laennec product is not readily available, we provide a different brand with a similar composition.

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      What is Laennec

      Laennec is essentially an injectable cosmetic procedure that enables you to maintain youthful, firm facial skin. It is made of ingredients that were taken from the human placenta and then carefully processed and tested to reduce side effects and produce excellent anti-aging outcomes. It takes on the appearance of a transparent, occasionally yellow-brown liquid. The PH, which ranges from 5,5 to 6,5, and the osmotic pressure to physiological solution ratio, which is around one, are what contribute to the distinctive smell.

      What is it for

      The benefits of human placenta extract, or HPE, on human health have previously been shown. Asthma, chronic liver disease, menopause, depression, and other conditions are among those it is used to treat. However, from the perspective of cosmetic medicine, it is injected to provide a youthful and radiant look. In reality, it is recommended for the preservation and repair of the hydrolipidic film of the skin, the treatment of especially aggressive acne, the removal of wrinkles, skin whitening, and the removal of excessive pigmentation. Additionally, it is specifically advised to treat dilated pores, maintain the skin elastic and compact, relieve bags under the eyes, and restore brightness to dull skin. Thanks to the components that promote cell regeneration and have a detoxifying impact at these levels that even chemical treatments are unable to provide.

      Therapy and dosage

      Depending on the disease, the patient receives an injection of Laennec once every two to three days for a month during the first phase. Laennec injections are the only part of the second phase of treatment and are given every 10 to 15 days. Obviously, a licensed doctor with experience in injectable therapy will need to deliver the care. A 2 ml subcutaneous injection will be administered once day in cases of chronic liver disease, with the dosage increasing to twice or three times daily as necessary to enhance liver function.

      Warning: keep out of the reach of children, do not ingest. 

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      Laennec (Human Placenta Injection)

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