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Box with 2x1 ml syringes.
Manufacturer: AQTIS Medical BV.
Origin: Europe.
Contains 2x1 ml syringes, 4 27G x 3/4” needles, packaging insert. 
Storage Conditions: Store between 15oC and 25oC. 
Note: Sterile packaging.



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ELLANSЀ™ M is an injectable dermal filler that is without latex, non-pyrogenic, sterile, absolutely bioresorbable, and non-changeless. ELLANSЀ™ M is made of Poly-e-Caprolacton (PCL) microspheres suspended in a gel transporter that contains phosphate supported saline (PhEur), glycerin (PhEur) and carboxymethylcellulose (USP). PLC is an absolutely bioresorbable delicate therapeutic polymer that is notable. ELLANSЀ™ M has a molecule estimate in the scope of 25-50 microns and ought to be infused with a 27 gage needle. ELLANSЀ™ M has a duration of two years. ELLANSЀ™ diminish the look of wrinkles or add volume to facial components for around two years.

Who might profit by ELLANSЀ™ M medicines?

Ladies and men can profit by dermal fillers ELLANSЀ™ M, whether they have lost volume in their skin through maturing or ailment or they need to improve their facial components. You can utilize ELLANSЀ™ M infusions to redress the presence of lines and wrinkles; to reestablish or add volume to the cheeks; to reestablish volume to different territories of the face.

How does ELLANSЀ™ M amend wrinkles?

Through the aging process, the collagen in the skin diminishes. When injecting Ellanse M into your patient's dermis, the volume of the skin you reestablishes, smoothing out the look of wrinkles and reestablishing volume to facial elements. Be that as it may, ELLANSЀ™ M likewise invigorates the generation of collagen after some time through neocollagenesis.

Ellansè is good for many regions of the face