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About us - Suppliers Of Botox, Dermal Fillers and Mesotherapy products

Our company is engaged in the sale, distribution and wholesale export of beauty products including dermal fillers, cosmetics, botox and cosmetic surgery equipment. The products on our website are what our customers want, over the years we have removed less effective products in order to better increase customer satisfaction, often offering alternative brands with better value for money in addition to the most famous brands available on the market.

Our company has decades of experience in this market by offering express shipping methods to reach customers around the world and international payment methods via credit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrency and other alternative methods. Some of the popular brands we sell are Revolax, Dermalax, Lipolab, Restylane, Radiesse, Filorga, Allergan botox alternative like Botulax, Meditoxin, Sculptra and more. In the event that our customers want a particular product they can make a request by sending us an email at, we will do our best to offer the desired product or an alternative product with a better value for money.

In our warehouse we have a large quantity of products ready for shipment all over the world, our products are all tested and before each shipment we make sure that they are intact and have a long shelf life. If you want to test us, try making a small purchase on, after gaining confidence you will finally be able to place larger orders in our online shop which we hope will become your reference.


While our goal is to provide the best products for face and body beauty by helping people to get the best brands with uncompromising quality and at a competitive price, we make it easy to buy on our website with a navigability. simple that with a few clicks allows you to complete the purchase. On our website there are various descriptive pages where you will also find the legal pages that will make it clear what our conditions of sale are so as not to have misunderstandings or problems with customers.

Mission statement

Dermalfillers2000 is a popular company all over the world boasting an extensive catalog of cosmetic and orthopedic products where most of our customers are in Europe and America, but there is no shortage of customers from all over the world. On our website we not only sell authentic products, we also reserve the right to remove brands that have proved ineffective, unsuitable or even dangerous, for example we do not sell permanent dermal fillers as they are prohibited products. Since a customer purchases from our website, they can expect an email containing the tracking number within a few days in order to monitor the status of the shipment, furthermore for any information or request they can contact our support who responds in a reactive way. In a nutshell, from the moment of purchase by our customers we offer fast, reliable and efficient shipping methods by addressing any problem or doubt as we want to establish a strong and lasting relationship with equally honest and reliable customers.