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Here is the list of frequently asked questions about products, shipping, orders and more.

• How can i buy on

When you browse our website you can directly choose the desired product and click on the purchase button, at this point the procedure will be guided and before completing the payment will request registration on our portal.

• Are your items authentic?

Yes, most of our products are original and made in Korea, Europe and the United States.

• What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by credit card, international bank transfer (SEPA and Swift), cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), Wallet and many other alternative methods on request.

• What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, American express, Mastercard, Maestro and other credit cards.

• I am a private individual. I can order?

Yes, individuals can buy our dermal fillers and other products.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide usually within 2-3 business days from the payment date.

• How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs may vary based on weight, country of destination and type of shipping service but in most cases to simplify the procedure we offer standard rates of 25 euros for shipping with a standard courier (slow shipping) and 50 euros for shipping with an express courier (Veloce). The shipping cost will be visible on our website at the time of purchase at no hidden cost.

• How can I track the status of the shipment?

To monitor the shipping status you can enter the tracking number that we provide after a few days from your purchase on the 17track universal tracking website.

• Which shipping couriers do you use?

We can ship with all major shipping couriers including UPS, EMS, Fedex or DHL, in some limited countries we use available shipping couriers. If you have specific needs you can send us an email.

• How long does the delivery take?

Shipping times are indicative and vary according to the country of destination, usually shipping times are 7-10 working days.

• Can I return the items?

We only accept returns if there is an error on our part.

• Delay of shipment

If you have not received your purchase after 3 weeks you can contact us, we will do our best to monitor the shipping status, in any case we always provide the tracking number in order to monitor the shipping status independently.

• Do I have to pay customs duties?

It is the customer's obligation to know local regulations and import duties to pay, however very often customs duties are not required as customs carry out random checks.

• Do you have items in stock?

Most of our products are already in stock and ready for shipment. If one of our products is out of stock we can usually get it within a few days and then ship it to the customer.

• Is the storage safe?

Our products are stored at a temperature of 20 ° C in our warehouse and travel with express couriers without cold storage, but this is not a problem as the products can travel at room temperature for a few weeks without getting damaged. it is important that once they arrive they are kept in a cool environment.

• How long does it take for the products to expire?

Normally the shelf life is from 12 to 24 months.

For all other questions you can send an email to