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      Ellanse M
      Ellanse M

      Ellanse M

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      Box with 2x1 ml syringes.
      Manufacturer: AQTIS Medical BV.
      Origin: Europe.
      Contains 2x1 ml syringes, 4 27G x 3/4” needles, packaging insert. 
      Storage Conditions: Store between 15oC and 25oC. 
      Note: Sterile packaging.

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      ELLANSЀ™ M is an injectable dermal filler that is without latex, non-pyrogenic, sterile, absolutely bioresorbable, and non-changeless. ELLANSЀ™ M is made of Poly-e-Caprolacton (PCL) microspheres suspended in a gel transporter that contains phosphate supported saline (PhEur), glycerin (PhEur) and carboxymethylcellulose (USP). PLC is an absolutely bioresorbable delicate therapeutic polymer that is notable. ELLANSЀ™ M has a molecule estimate in the scope of 25-50 microns and ought to be infused with a 27 gage needle. ELLANSЀ™ M has a duration of two years. ELLANSЀ™ diminish the look of wrinkles or add volume to facial components for around two years.

      Who might profit by ELLANSЀ™ M medicines?

      Ladies and men can profit by dermal fillers ELLANSЀ™ M, whether they have lost volume in their skin through maturing or ailment or they need to improve their facial components. You can utilize ELLANSЀ™ M infusions to redress the presence of lines and wrinkles; to reestablish or add volume to the cheeks; to reestablish volume to different territories of the face.

      How does ELLANSЀ™ M amend wrinkles?

      Through the aging process, the collagen in the skin diminishes. When injecting Ellanse M into your patient's dermis, the volume of the skin you reestablishes, smoothing out the look of wrinkles and reestablishing volume to facial elements. Be that as it may, ELLANSЀ™ M likewise invigorates the generation of collagen after some time through neocollagenesis.

      Buy authentic Ellanse® fillers online

      Ellanse in addition to working as a traditional dermal filler is a collagen biostimulator that increases the longevity of the results, even after the reabsorption of the filler. The Ellanse family allows you to choose the duration of the effect ranging from 1 year to 4 years. The Ellanse family is made up of Ellanse S which can guarantee effects for up to one year, Ellanse M for up to 2 years; Ellanse L up to 3 years; and finally Ellanse E up to four years, so it can be said that it is a semi-permanent filler.

      What Makes Ellanse a Good Filler?

      Ellanse can be used by men and women who want to counteract the signs of aging with facial corrections. Being a filler made with biocompatible and bioabsorbable ingredients it is effective for patients who want to:

      Reshape and model the facial features;

      Rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen;

      Remove wrinkles, lines and creases

      Ellanse is contraindicated to pregnant women, patients with hypersensitivity problems to the filler components and patients with hypertrophic scars or keloid scars.

      Treatment areas with Ellanse

      - Temples and eyebrows area - Wrinkles and creases that in this area can be corrected.

      - Cheeks - Ellanse can naturally increase cheekbones, lifting the face and restoring volume to those with sunken cheeks so they can achieve a younger look.

      - Nasolabial folds - Eliminate even the deepest wrinkles with Ellanse.

      - Jawline - Redefines the contours of the face by clenching the jaw.

      - Nose: Ellanse allows you to sculpt and reshape the nose to eliminate any asymmetries or protuberances.

      - Marionette Lines - Ellanse reduces the appearance of lines that appear around the mouth.

      - Chin - Defines and reshapes the chin

      How does Ellanse work?

      As is well known, collagen is a protein produced by the human body that can be found in bones, muscles, skin, blood vessels and tendons. This substance is important for increasing skin strength and elasticity, replacing dead skin cells and strengthening joints and tendons. Ellanse is a non-permanent, biocompatible, and completely bioabsorbable synthetic filler containing PCL microspheres, composed of a phosphate buffered saline solution (PhEur) and glycerin (PhEur). Ellanse is used in aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate and correct various areas of the face and rejuvenate the hands. Ellanse is not like other fillers, it doesn't just fill in and correct wrinkles, creases and lines, it stimulates collagen production.

      Treatment details

      Although a skin test is not required, it is recommended that the patient's medical records be examined. Before its administration it is recommended to disinfect the affected area and then inject the filler into the skin with a syringe containing a 27G needle. Ellanse can cause mild discomfort and irritation after treatment, so it is best not to touch the area to avoid infection.

      Safety information

      Polycaprolactone which is Ellanse's main ingredient, is safe and approved by the FDA and CE. You may experience mild redness, bruising, and discomfort after the injection which tends to clear up within a few days.

      Recovery times

      Using Ellanse does not require recovery time although it is recommended to avoid extreme heat and cold, intense exercise and makeup.

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      Ellanse M
      Ellanse M

      Ellanse M

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