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Dermaheal HL - Anti-hair loss solution
    Dermaheal HL - Anti-hair loss solution
      0Dermaheal HL is a mesotherapy-based anti-hair loss treatment that helps both men and women with alopecia and hair loss. stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes hair follicles to promote hair growth. enhances hair thickness and fullness all over while improving scalp issues. energizes and fortifies hair follicles. hydrates and nourishes the scalp and hair.
      Dermaheal HL - Anti-hair loss solution
        0Dermaheal HL is a mesotherapy-based anti-hair loss treatment that helps both men and women with alopecia and hair loss. stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes hair follicles to promote hair growth. enhances hair thickness and fullness all over while improving scalp issues. energizes and fortifies hair follicles. hydrates and nourishes the scalp and hair.


        It was formerly believed that mesotherapy could only be used to reduce excess subcutaneous fat and was only appropriate for the face. Nevertheless, recent developments have demonstrated that Mesotherapy hair is also quite effective, and the correct materials might bring about a dramatic improvement. Professionals should carry out this procedure to guarantee that all necessary steps are swiftly taken care of. If you want to see results without surgery, mesotherapy is quite successful. Mesotherapy hair's greatest benefit is that it doesn't need a lot of elaborate preparations. Most frequently, the Microneedling procedure is employed, in which the ingredients are directly injected into the scalp for results. There are several mesotherapy hair products available, however the options tend to vary based on your issue region.

        What is hair mesotherapy?

        The direct introduction of vitamins, minerals (such as calcium, iodine, manganese, rame, zinc, selenium, iron, and potassium), agents linked to the skin's cheratin layer, amino acids, and surface expanders is known as mesotherapy for hair growth. Mesotherapy works very well for cushing's and hair loss. Considered one of the most popular applications in contemporary cosmetic medicine for treating various hair problems. With this application, you may tackle a variety of issues, including reviving dormant bulbs, feeding growing follicles, and eliminating the foramen. A skilled expert's method of treating the scalp is called mesotherapy. The application of specialized medications containing the vitamins and nutritional substances required for healthy hair growth is made easier with the use of microincisions. The doctor chooses the medication's composition based on the patient's condition. This procedure's cost is perfectly in line with the desired outcome. Important: Mesotherapy treats several hair problems.

        Efficacy for Hair Mesotherapy

        • Extreme baldness

        • Scalp seborrhea caused by the degeneration of sebaceous glands;

        • Dandruff

        • Dry and itchy scalp

        • Increased brittleness and broken ends in the hair

        • Reduction in basal area volume

        Advantages and disadvantages 

        It is important to remember a few things if we discuss mesotherapy in relation to troublesome hair (the technique is also useful for the skin on the face and body): how is it different from other procedures, and how much does this treatment—which is understandably quite pricey—cost. First, a meso cocktail (mesotherapy mix) is created specifically for each patient and comprises the amount of minerals and vitamins needed to obtain the best outcomes and eliminate any issues that are now present. Important: The cosmetician decides how many operations to do. The helpful components are transported to the bulb, but the higher layers of skin prevent outside contaminants from getting in. As a consequence, the bulbs are vibrantly filled, which enhances the condition of the hair:

        • Hair loss slows down with time.
        • The activation of hair growth
        • Adipose gland activity is decreased, and curls seem cleaner, longer, and fuller.
        • The delivery of blood and oxygen to the bulbs increases
        • Dandruff is diminished
        • During hairbrushing and styling, the density, smoothness, and brightness of the hair all improve.
        • Important: To be certain of the outcome, it is necessary to take images both before and after the surgery.

        Preparations For Hair Mesotherapy

        Each injection contains a variety of healthy ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that have been specifically chosen by medical professionals for each patient. One syringe can be used to combine 2 to 6 active substances. Group B vitamins, which support a natural metabolism, work well for hair development and repair. Additionally, these compounds are employed in mesotherapy: copper and zinc - they prevent hair structure dystrophy (weakness). For genetic hair loss, products containing these ingredients should be used. Hair development is sped up by hyaluronic acid, the nutrient for bulbs. The building blocks of the hair, which help to create keratin fibers, are amino acids. Normalizing blood flow to the scalp thanks to growth factors strengthens hair follicles.

        Application in Mesotherapy for Hair

        Mesotherapy is the use of different tools to apply active chemicals beneath the skin. This technique may have a pain threshold, a set application time, and uncommon but probable adverse effects. The injection of a mesotherapy mixture into the body is one of the common techniques employed by professionals. Such operations require the use of very thin needles, hence specialized syringes are required. Important: Compared to other procedures, injections are the most pleasant, but they also take the longest. The patient complains of pain in the ears and the back of the head. This approach causes some little trauma.

        Mesotherapy Gun for Hair

        Since misuse of this type of gadget might result in minor head injuries, extreme caution and attention must be used when using it. Therefore, you should carefully weigh the advantages and downsides before agreeing to such a surgery. Make sure a doctor you choose has enough relevant experience in the field. The cannon is equipped with a syringe with an adjustable injection depth. You may introduce any pharmaceutical mixture, the activity of which is intended to address a specific hair issue, with the aid of such a gun.

        Meso roller or meso injector

        The meso roller, a unique tool for treating hair and scalp, may now be used in several serum treatments. In beauty salons, meso injectors or meso rollers are frequently employed. The device is made up of a lot of tiny needles arranged in a common drum. The drum is fastened to the handle for easy usage. It is widely used in cosmetology because of its practicality and simplicity. The administration of required procedures to the scalp by needle-injured injections under the skin is the main working premise. The method of operation is comparable to using a roller while painting walls. The second tool is typically utilized in spas. Similar to how a gun works, but with many more needles that penetrate the flesh. In essence, a syringe is employed. Several needles are quickly pushed into the scalp with a single sweep. A single gunshot may not be as painful or uncomfortable as this operation.

        Home use of a meso roller

        You can't administer injectable mesotherapy to yourself at home. Only experts at home, in clinics, and beauty salons provide injections. The number of sessions and the combinations to be employed can affect the cost of this treatment. The price is influenced by the medications, the clinic's fee schedule, and the specialist's qualifications. Most mesotherapy sessions last no more than 30 minutes. You might look for a physician to speak with regarding medical concoctions. Another alternative is to utilize a meso roller if you wish to perform this treatment alone. The capability of independent usage is this product's most significant benefit. However, compared to the injections below, its effect will be less obvious:

        • The needle's penetration was not deep enough.
        • High compositional cost
        • Needles gradually lose their usefulness

        Once more, it is desirable to use a cocktail or a single component if a price-performance comparison is done using this approach. a vitamin complex, as an example. Important: Carefully selecting the right instrument is required if the application is to be completed at home.

        Is the procedure painful at any point?

        Yes. Pain is the biggest drawback of mesotherapy, in addition to its expensive cost. But it all depends on each person's pain threshold. The regions around the ears and the occiput (back of the head) are the most susceptible to injections. For four days after receiving mesotherapy, you must refrain from bathing, using the sauna, or swimming in order to prevent difficulties and pain. Additionally, since the discomfort would be considerably more intense during the menstrual cycle, it is recommended to cease the process during this time. The patient's pain threshold determines whether they feel the pain or not.

        Hair Mesotherapy Contraindications and Side Effects

        Mesotherapy can treat troublesome hair if the follicles are still alive but have lost some of their vigor. But if the issues are caused by more significant factors, such inheritance and hormone imbalance, you shouldn't expect a miracle from injections. There are several contraindications to every medical procedure, and mesotherapy is no exception. In the following situations, hair mesotherapy should not be chosen:

        • Pregnant women who breastfeed
        • Individual intolerance to composite materials
        • Menstruation
        • Disordered endocrine systems
        • Cancerous and benign tumors
        • Infections

        It's important to notice any contraindications.

        What to Consider Following Mesotherapy

        • Small incisions from the injections are still visible after the surgery. Healing will take some time.
        • Avoid washing your hair, especially with shampoo and conditioner. You must put up with having unclean hair for a while (3-4 days). Shampoos and water might have a detrimental impact on the procedure's results and postpone the healing process.
        • Don't go outside in the sun for a bit (2-3 days)
        • Never swim. After receiving mesotherapy, you shouldn't take a shower for the first 10 hours. Injection sites need to be thoroughly dried.
        • For at least 7 days, refrain from using the sauna or pool.
        • Massage the regions where you had injections only when they have fully healed.
        • Don't drink alcohol. Vasodilation is induced by alcohol.

        Do I want to choose mesotherapy?

        The process will assist in addressing a number of issues related to the health of the scalp and hair, which are characterized by air pollution, a bad diet, and a weakening of the body. However, mesotherapy is unable to alter the course of a certain illness. Each patient has a variety of emotions and impressions that they are willing to express on the forums before making a decision, as can be seen. Think about the remarks.

        The result

        The best way to treat hair problems and give hair a healthy appearance is with mesotherapy. After the application course is through, you don't have to worry about how your hair looks. However, in order to get the desired result, the surgery must be carried out by a qualified professional.