Hyaluronic acid


Why buy hyaluronic acid fillers?

Modern aesthetic medicine offers various antiaging solutions to counteract the passing of time and especially signs such as wrinkles and dark circles, as well as giving the possibility to remodel parts of the face and body thanks to the filler technique, products that are injected under the skin and able to reduce blemishes with a substance called hyaluronic acid: characteristics, functions, duration of treatment, prices and everything you need to know about these fillers.


What is hyaluronic acid

When we talk about hyaluronic acid, we mean a substance present in the connective tissues of all animals, including those of the human species: it is an essential disaccharide for the development of collagen and other elastic fibers and therefore to keep the skin hydrated and especially elastic and toned. The characteristic that makes the ideal substance for a targeted aesthetic treatment is that of attracting and retaining water so that the fabric has constant hydration. In the eyes of a doctor who injects hyaluronic acid, it looks like a liquid, but becomes a kind of gel, therefore it is an ideal product to give volume, fill wrinkles and parts of the face or body (for example, to replenish the hollowed cheeks but also the buttocks).


Hyaluronic acid filler: permanent result?

Being a totally natural substance, hyaluronic acid gives a lasting but temporary result. The substance is reabsorbed by the body in variable times. For this reason, fast reabsorption fillers are distinguished those that last up to 3 months; fillers fillers if the result lasts up to 6 months and slow reabsorption fillers when it reaches 1 year or more. Once the estimated time has elapsed, the procedure must be repeated if the same aesthetic result is desired.


What does hyaluronic acid filler filler do

The function of the hyaluronic acid filler is easy to understand: correct the imperfections of mature women and men, but even young skin can take advantage of this non-invasive treatment if you have acne scars, expression lines (such as paws chicken). It can also be used to increase the volume of some parts of the face (usually the lips) or to reshape the contour by targeted injection on the cheekbones or chin, or for the nose area if you are afraid of rhinoplasty. It is also a recommended treatment for those with dark circles and bags problems, and for sunken eyes. The latest generation fillers also have the ability to shape parts of the body such as the buttocks, calves or arms.


What are the best fillers with hyaluronic acid

The fillers with hyaluronic acid are not all the same at all, and the doctor chooses the best option based on the origin of the substance, the concentration of the substance, the size of the particles, the consistency of the gel (useful for stabilizing the product), if whether or not anesthetic is present in the syringe or other factors (to reduce the risk of possible reactions, especially if the patient has sensitive and very delicate skin). In aesthetic medicine some of the most famous brands in the world are Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Revolax, Dermalax and others.


How hyaluronic acid filler works

The doctor, after the preliminary visit and the evaluation of the problem, makes an appointment with the patient in the clinic to inject the filler. The substance is injected through a previously filled syringe, sterile, disposable and equipped with a very thin needle. The professional proceeds with small injections on the surface or in depth and the intervention can last from 15 to 30 minutes. Usually, the doctor chooses not to inject a local anesthetic, rather opts for an anesthetic ointment if he has to treat hypersensitive areas such as the eye area or the lips, but if he has to intervene on the chin or cheekbones, it may be necessary and he chooses between that local or even truncular (an anesthetized nerve trunk). All this is also evaluated knowing the patient's clinical past and whether he is sensitive to anesthetics or not.

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