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If you plan to buy Botox injections online, you are on the right website, we accept credit card payments. Unfortunately, due to the laws, European and American customers can buy botox only by prescription, so the only alternative to obtain Botox without a prescription is to buy it online from websites that market botox for the Asian market. Most quality cosmetic surgery products come from Asia. For example, do you know that the traction lines for non-surgical facelifts that are marketed all over the world are made in Korea? The products you find on this site have ISO certifications that guarantee the quality of manufacture, moreover they are according to the law with the local nations where they are produced, some have the CE certification for marketing in Europe, others have the FDA certification for the marketing in the united states of america, but it is very difficult for a product to meet the rules of all nations, this does not mean that a product is of low quality if it does not have the CE or FDA marking. On this website we sell only authentic products, and now let's talk a bit about Botox.


Botulinum toxin in aesthetic medicine

Botox contains the purified botulinum toxin type A that blocks muscle nerves. This allows to remove the wrinkles caused by the contraction of the facial muscles (eyebrows, crow's feet, interciliary wrinkles, etc.)


What is Botox (Botox)?

BOTOX blocks the release of acetylcholine, which is a substance that stimulates muscle contraction. Botox is a brand, it is more correct to call it "botulinum" because it is sold under many names, for example Vistabex is another botulinum toxin purified type A, there is also the purified botulinum toxin type B (the Neurobloc) which causes effects similar to Botox. On our website we sell high quality botox directly from the manufacturer, this allows us to reduce costs so that we can get a good product at a price.


Indications for treatment with Botox also known as Botox

Botox is used to reduce expression lines and can be associated with other cosmetic surgery procedures to maximize effects (collagen, hyaluronic acid fillers, laser treatments, etc.) and is particularly recommended for the following diseases: forehead wrinkles , interciliary wrinkles, lip wrinkles, wrinkles between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes, expression lines, facelift with a lifting effect, hyperhidrosis, chronic headache, strabismus, blepharospasm, cervical dystonia, spasm of the anal sphincter, disorders of the swallowing and cerebral spasm cerebral palsy.


How is botulinum treatment performed?

The injection of botulinum toxin (Botox) does not require anesthesia or hospitalization and is carried out through a small syringe that injects a small amount of fluid into the mimic muscles.


Side effects and contraindications of Botox

Botox rarely causes allergies but is not recommended for pregnant women or patients with neuromuscular problems. For a few minutes redness may occur in the treated area or bruises that disappear in a few days.


Duration of Botox results

The results of the treatment of botulinum toxin can be seen after 2 or 3 days but for maximum effectiveness you must wait at least 30 days. The specified age for a Botox treatment varies from 20 to 90 years.


Botox for non-surgical facelift

The non-surgical facelift can be achieved by reducing the traction of the eyebrow muscles that push down, thus giving an advantage to the action of the muscles that push upwards. This treatment makes him relaxed and younger.


Botox and hyperhidrosis

Botox can be a solution for those suffering from excessive sweating in the hands, armpits and feet. The treatment is not permanent and must be repeated every six months.


Cost of Botox injections

The cost of Botox depends on the areas to be treated and the type of product used, however choosing the botox in our online store it is possible to save money without sacrificing quality.

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