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Intralipotherapy and lipodissolve, war on localized fat

Aesthetic medicine has evolved with regards to treatments to eliminate the accumulation of excess fat, and the most popular ones are intralipotherapy and the lipodissolve technique: how they work and what are the differences and points in common.


Elimination of face and body imperfections, the most used techniques

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments are the last frontier of non-invasive cosmetic surgery, useful not only for a lifting effect on the face, but also for dissolving localized fat and lipomas. A lipoma is an outgrowth caused by fat cells, which are literally surrounded by fibrous-looking capsules. They can occur in different areas, even in the intestine. In aesthetics, of course, we speak of superficial subcutaneous lipomas and they mostly occur in the area of ​​the trunk, in the area of ​​the thighs and arms.


What is a lipoma?

Lipoma, more than any other blemish, is quite problematic from the point of view of definitive resolution. Also called fat cyst, most of the time, this blemish is asymptomatic and, while remaining benign in shape and can sometimes regress naturally, removal will always be temporary. And this becomes a big problem if you have to intervene surgically and several times, given the great probability of running into inflammations and problems during the post-operative hospital stay and having permanent scars.

By choosing a non-invasive and fat-dissolving treatment, the main causes of the imperfection can certainly not always be eliminated, but in a short time and with a few sessions you will have satisfactory results.

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments can also be used to eliminate fat in the hips, abdomen and in more localized areas, such as the thighs, buttocks, under the buttocks and knees: two optimal solutions for the war on excess fat are intralipotherapy and the technique dissolves.


Intralipotherapy, characteristics and curiosities

This aesthetic treatment consists in eliminating excess and localized fat, particularly suitable for the abdomen area, the inner thigh or under the arms. It is not a surgical treatment, as it acts by injection into the fat cells, dissolving the excess fat and then being definitively eliminated by the body itself. It is recommended for men and women who are unable to withstand the related effects of invasive surgery, especially if they have fat located in a certain area that they cannot even dispose of with physical activity and a strict diet.

This is a technique consisting of injections, since the selected drug is used by taking the quantity to be injected using a special syringe, so that the doctor can carry out a targeted intervention on the affected area. It has no side effects, if not those of a normal puncture or small annoyance and perhaps some bruising at the hole level. The only recommendation to apply, it is better not to try it yourself, this treatment must be carried out by expert hands. Only a doctor will be able to evaluate how deep you need to go with the needle in order to inject the active ingredients and especially if you need other sessions. Usually, a cycle varies from 4 to 10 sessions diluted every three or four weeks. The after-effects of intralipotherapy are perfectly bearable. They vary from a slight localized burning to a few bruises, corresponding to the holes made by the syringe. For very complex cases, the patient will be advised to support this cycle with drainage and massage, in order to activate cellular mechanisms in a perfect way and to favor remodeling.


Technique dissolves, all there is to know

As for the dissolving technique, the methodology is practically the same: infiltration of solutions studied with the function of replacing liposuction, in an almost painless way and with very few hassles. The dissolving technique is particularly indicated as a substitute for the invasive technique mentioned above, in addition to other equally invasive and painful solutions. Thanks to these injectable solutions, fat is naturally disposed of by the body itself as if it were a slag to be eliminated, in a natural way. Thighs, abdomen, double chin, bags under the eyes and to combat cellulite, these are the main applications of this non-invasive aesthetic treatment. No more cannulas or constricting sheaths, no more bruising or analysis for anesthesia, only one or more pricks to be repeated on a regular basis and under medical supervision.


Substances used for intralipotherapy and lipodissolve

Many people are reluctant to proceed with infiltration techniques that allow to dissolve excess fats by means of certain substances. This is because they do not know exactly what the professional can insert into the fat cells, one more suitable for the face, the other for the body. To be honest, there are still doctors today who are interested in profits more than patients and who care little about the origin of the substances, just earn. In a serious beauty center, substances with fat-soluble properties and of natural origin are used, in order to be biocompatible and have less risks of rejection.



It is already present in the human body and there are no dangers if the doctor, by mistake, injects a massive dose. The overdose was tested in the laboratories and monitored, no side effects were found. It is a phospholipid that humans continuously introduce through food, as it contains soy lecithin, such as the liver and egg yolk, and is a component of the plasma membranes. The substance used in aesthetic medicine serves precisely to dissolve the accumulations of localized fat, by intradermal injection in combination with other substances, such as Carnitine. There are no particular contraindications, unless the person is allergic to soy, has liver or kidney failure, is immunosuppressed or suffers from cardiovascular disease, diabetes or is pregnant or breastfeeding.


Deoxycholic acid

This substance is instead produced by the human body, precisely by the liver and stored in the bile. It is used for digestive processes, as it transforms fats into substances suitable for storage. Taking advantage of this property, in aesthetics, deoxycholic acid is used a lot to dissolve the cell wall of fat cells, so as to release excess fats and allowing other substances, such as the aforementioned phosphatidylcholine, to act, dissolving them in a way to encourage their elimination. As with the previous treatment, the injections will be located where it is needed, on the abdomen and hips, but also on the double chin. It is also chosen as an active ingredient for cellulite, but only after a few mesotherapy sessions.


Lipodissolve and intralipotherapy prices

There are enough points in common between the two techniques: certainly, the pre- and post-operative procedure is the same, while the costs are very similar to each other. Usually, you opt for 4 to 8 sessions every 7 or 10 days, with a cost that varies from 150 to 200 Euros, it depends a lot on the quantity of product used and the area treated. The price of intralipotherapy can vary based on several factors: number of sessions, treated area, doctor's competence, any additional treatments (only for very complex cases) and so on. The basic rate should be between 100 and 150 Euros, never less.

In short, similar results and above all low costs, as well as being the techniques indicated for those who are dissatisfied with their physical appearance, but are reluctant to undergo major cosmetic surgery. The side effects are nil, although it must be said that pain, bruising and swelling are normal consequences of intradermal treatment, which disappeared after a few days following the advice of the doctor. It is also for this reason that it is better to rely on professionals and carry out these treatments safely.

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